Friday, November 5, 2010

real and pretend

Isaac likes to play one game over and over and over. He's been doing it for months and he thinks it just might be the best game ever.

The game was inspired by one of the Thomas the Train videos he watches. In the video one of the controllers talks to Sir Topham Hatt on the phone about a birthday cake. Isaac now loves to pretend to talk to Sir Topham Hatt on the phone about cakes. He uses all kinds of things for phones. Real phones, his hand, his fork at dinnertime, and most frequently, the computer mouse. One day I found him leaning back on the pillows on my bed with my cell phone to his ear, "Hatt! Hatt! cake!"

Well, when Andrew and I decided to make a cake yesterday afternoon, Isaac could not believe his luck. He got right in the action, stirring the batter and calling Sir Topham Hatt to fill him in on our progress.

The cake is a Chocolate Marble Pound Cake. To be eaten with ice cream, says Andrew. To be shared with Topham Hatt says Isaac. Only if Topham Hatt finishes his dinner, says Mommy.


Cheryl said...

What a great story for a scrapbook page! Your journaling is done and you both will love to read the page in 20 years when you would probably have forgotten all about it.

Mama V said...

Hah! Fantastic!

Aww, you made a cake for Lucas's birthday - thanks, guys! ;)

Plume said...

That is too cute!

Kirsten said...

Cakes go with birthdays. I know someone who's having one of those. ;)

Anne said...

When does pretending start? I'm so excited for it!

I like that Isaac so quickly recognized the cake connection. And talking on the phone. ;)

It's so interesting how kids want most the things we manipulate all day...keys, remote, cell phones. All slobbered on by my daughter.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Awesome story! The cake looks great!

Firefly said...

I love this post. One of my favorites. So fun.