Monday, November 8, 2010


We had a little weekend around here. Full of all kinds of everyday-ness. Our park has been filling up with leaves and we took turns getting buried.

Though, Isaac didn't quite understand. ;) He didn't choose a very leafy spot to be buried. hmmm....on second thought, perhaps he understood perfectly.

I bought Isaac a puzzle a few weeks ago and he assembles it several times daily. Often he'll lock a piece in, stand up and clap for himself.

And Andrew has been making lots and lots of books. His favorite, of course, is making maze books. But this weekend he also made a city book and two books based off They Might Be Giants songs. This book was his gift for Kirsten for her birthday. On the back of his books he's been drawing bar codes and writing "ages 5 and up". Except for Kirsten's he wrote "ages 33 and up". ;) Very helpful guidelines, I tell you.

And now Monday. Here we go!


Melissa said...

MONDAY! Tanner loved puzzles and mazes. Look for "Save Brave Ted" One of his all time favorites. It took forever to get through each time, but well worth it.

Anne said...

Heavenly, leaves are.

What an eye for detail, that Andrew.

Melissa said...

How do you make books with Andrew? Do you guide him at all? I've been making books w/ the kids and their friend to do our Spanish time. I was just curious what kind of things you've done from your teaching experience.

Cat said...

Isaac buried in the leaves: so funny!!!!
You mentionned in another post that he might also be a special needs kid. Can you tell us more about that?

Kirsten said...

I love the shots of you all in the leaves. :) What fun.

Miss Vicki said...

The picture of Isaac waiting to be buried in the leaves cracks me up!! Also, I love the way he sits on his legs/feet to do that puzzel.