Tuesday, November 2, 2010

temperature management

The heat is officially on.

Last week I was wearing short sleeved shirts, short pants and sandals. Then we had a few cool days, leading into cold ones. For a few days we bundled up in sweatshirts and blankets, several pairs of socks while tucked away inside our cold home. I wanted to endure it a little because I knew, once the heat turned on, it would be on, and it would be brutal. Then, yesterday, we made the call to the landlord. It's time. And now, I am back in a short sleeved shirt as the heat is doing its extremely thorough job of slowly baking us for the winter.

This dry heat, although quite roasty toasty, is still much better than summer's fury. I'll take nose bleeds and dry skin over oppressive humidity any day! And, this morning when I woke up to the dry smell of our heaters at work, I thought, "almost Christmas!" and that is right up my alley.

Oh Winter, how I've missed you.


erin said...

I've been feeling very pre-Christmasy too. Lately I've been smelling wood smoke from neighbor's chimneys and warming up cider on the stove. I even sang O Little Town of Bethlehem on my way to work today for no reason. I just love this cozy season!

Mama V said...

This is the part that I'll never understand. You love the cold of winter but you don't get to experience it much! You crazy northerners! Luckily we can control our heat, so winter for us means layers and slippers and lots of warm beverages because we keep the thermostat low. In other words, you need to come over more often this winter. Don't forget to bring a sweater. ;)

Although I'm glad to hear your heat has been turned on for these cold nights! I was SO close to sending you an email rant about how NYC law states that building heat is supposed to be turned on by the 15th, yadda yadda... And does your negligent landlord live in Florida?! yadda yadda... And do you want me to call him/her for you? (Just lookin' out for my peeps!)

I first saw the "XL" and thought, "Sheesh, she's tall but I can't ever imagine her wearing a size XL!"


Robyn said...

"This is the part that I'll never understand. You love the cold of winter but you don't get to experience it much!"

Marti gets on my case every year about this! She just doesn't believe me that I love winter. She says that drinking hot cocoa and snuggling down doesn't mean you love winter! It means you're recreating summer by getting warm!

So...um...not sure. I just know that when I see summer coming I'm filled with dread. And when I see winter coming, I feel relief.

and come on...snow? I'm such a sucker for snow.

Mama V said...

Robs, maybe wearing a t-shirt inside all day and to bed during the winter means you can more appreciate (and tolerate?) the blast of cold when you do get outside. With a cold apartment, sometimes the transition between inside to outside doesn't seem that big for me, and then I just feel like I'm cold-cold-cold all the darn time during the winter.

But really, the snuggling down and the warm drinks are a big part of what makes it so cozy and different and special, and that's what you're missing out on in a hot apartment. We're still surrounded by cold but the body gets warmish inside during these moments. Or... your oven-like partner can do the job of keeping you warm at night more effectively than any layers or blankets. (He doesn't get nearly as much cuddle time on hot summer nights.) ;)