Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

I never have high hopes for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving seems to be about sitting around with family, chatting. Being indoors and quiet and civilized. And my kids are terrible at those things. So usually I spend Thanksgiving keeping my kids out of other people's things and entertained enough not to be driving everyone crazy. This year, though, was different.

First of all, we brought an arsenal of puzzles, which kept both kids sufficiently busy. Secondly, Aunt Melodee has two teenagers that are proud owners of a Nintendo Wii, which worked out amazingly well. Thirdly, Aunt Melodee's house is surprisingly child proof and home to an Isaac-sized puppy. And lastly, there was piano and a guitar to fascinate Isaac. All of this meant I got to help cook! I got to chat with relatives! I even pulled out a book to read for a little while! This was easily our best Thanksgiving in years.

Thanks Aunt Melodee!

Can't get enough? Here's more! Isaac in the leaves!


Mama V said...

Things ARE different! The blog video hater posted a video of her kids! ;)

I foresee a Wii in Andrew's future. Wiiiiiiii!!!!!

So glad you had a great Thanksgiving! Hurray for Aunt Melodee!


erin said...

Oh the joy of crinkly leaves! Love the video of Isaac and I'm glad you had such a great time.

Deb said...

Thanks for sharing these sweet photos of your Thanksgiving Day.

The video of Isaac in the leaves is priceless! :o)

Tara Whalen said...

Does this mean that there is a Wii on your holiday wish list???? If so, I need to know.

Plume said...

My mom was over for the holidays, she brought my two-yr-old her Wii because she doesn't use it, and he loves it! I have to admit I really like it myself.

And what is that contraption holding the iPhone? Would've come in handy for our 8-hour roadtrip.

Glad Thanksgiving was fun for you!