Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December Daily: filling the pages

I am not really feeling Christmas yet. I'm trying. I play Christmas music, drink Christmas tea, lead Andrew through our daily advent doings, but man, I am not feeling it. All of my energies right now are focused on two things: the boys' room redo (which is coming along nicely. We are waiting for the floors to dry and the bunk beds to arrive. We are hoping to get the boys set up by the end of the week) and Andrew's school situation. Andrew's school situation is also coming along...but is turning out to be a slow process. I've spent hours on the phone with social workers, Special Education coordinators, psychologists and they are all in the game and surprisingly eager to help us. But the help at this point is still "try calling this person! and this school!" So right now the work is still a lot about phone calls. But, I do feel like I am making progress.

So, at the end of each day I would wonder what to do about my December Daily. I mean, you have to look hard to find Christmas around here. Finally I decided that instead of being a honest scrapbooker and giving an honest account of each day, I would look back over the last couple of days and try to hit the major themes. I haven't yet said anything about Mommy School and I think I should. So, I'll keep that in mind over the next couple of days.

That said, I have some pretty fierce December Daily envy of these folks that are rockin' and rollin' in holiday spirit. Our time will come, I just know it.

So, here's where we're at.


Ruth said...

Mummy School really needs to be there, if for no other reason that recording it's existance in December 2010. Your album is looking really cool.

Cheryl said...

You are doing a great job on your album! (I am genetically unable to prepare a book in advance but I have photos printed, journaling written, memorabilia collected and craft time coming up this weekend.) That Christmas spirit is coming for you soon!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Your album is looking great!

Amy said...

Beautiful album!

MelanieAnn said...

Feels the same here too. Lots going on - but not much Christmas to be seen (we also have a remodel project going on). Your book looks great so far ... keep it up! In the end, i'll be a great account of the month - Christmas or not!