Wednesday, December 8, 2010

his schedule

We first started using a schedule for Andrew during one of the Beach Weeks. We haven't really used it a lot at home, but when we travel, it's been a life-saver. He just really needs to know what's going on. My mom claims he gets that from her.

Since Andrew has been home, I've been posting a schedule for him every day. The day usually begins with a trip to the playground, then Mommy School. The afternoon fills up with Lunch, Quiet Time, Reading Time, Advent Calendar activity, and playtime. He watches TV while I make dinner and often plays on the computer with Dave after Isaac goes to bed. I feel like it's a good mix of outside, inside, working, playing, resting, going. And he's hooked.

On day we got behind. It was noon and we were eating lunch, but we were suppose to be eating lunch at 11:30. He ran around the apartment checking all the clocks, asking me to change the clocks back to 11:30. We adjusted the schedule instead. ;)

Last Saturday I decided not to post a schedule. It was the weekend after all and we never posted schedules on the weekends before. But he had a rough afternoon and at the end of the day asked me if I could make a schedule for him for the next day.

Every day so far "Advent Calendar" has been part of the schedule and he loves that part of the day. Yesterday's activity was "Make Christmas Cookies".

So, we did.

Today's activity? Eat a candy cane. A trip to the candy store is in order for this one. Don't you worry though. It's all scheduled in.


Mama V said...

Get out! "Eat A Candy Cane" was in our Advent Activity window this morning! (I guess it's not too far-fledged because of this time of year and I shouldn't be all that amazed by the coincidence...) But I had a box of our favorite brand of candy canes (that are oh-so-hard to find around these parts) leftover from last year, totally covered in dust. Eww?!

How does Isaac like having Andrew back home every day? Is he wanting to claim his daily space back?!

Mama V said...

Pulling a Susan here to make sure I get follow-up comments on Isaac! ;) (Why on earth does it not give us the option the first time?!)

Ruth said...

I love how Andrew loves a schedule ~ a boy after my own heart. x

MandiCrocker said...

Oh my gosh, Robs... I love how much you love these guys. You're the best, most creative mom. God gave you such an incredible skillset to handle these fun, adventurous and unique boys. What a gift!

debs14 said...

I firmly believe that kids like and need a bit of structure to their day. I can understand how he finds comfort and reassurance in knowing what is coming up. I love the fact that eating candy cane is factored in to the day, I would be wishing the hours away to get round to that one!

Susan said...

Andrew is so lucky. I would go beserk if I had to follow a schedule like that all day long. I mean, I guess I'd probably learn if it's what my kid really needed but you seem to be taking it in stride.

Miss Vicki said...

A couple of years ago Robyn made me a couple of decorative clipboards and notepads to make lists and schedules. They direct my day and I get such satisfaction drawing a line through each "chore" as it gets done. One of todays was chocolate covered cashew clusters! Now it's amaretto roasted sweet potatoes! I love that genetic trait in Andrew.

EmilyRSPS said...

I am with Andrew a good schedule is hard to beat! :D