Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I did it!

I had been wanting to try making donuts for years. But I was scared of frying dough and I didn't want 36 donuts sitting around. Even I have my limits. ;) But as Dave and I planned out a New Year's Day brunch, I thought it might be a good time to give it a try.

So I did!

Here's my thoughts on donuts:
- They are easier and faster than bagels.
- They don't taste that good without the frosting because the dough recipe I used (found here) wasn't terribly sweet.
- These were better on the second day. I made them the day before the brunch and was worried, because the one I taste-tested felt and tasted a little too oily. But I didn't notice that at all on day 2.
- They are soooo pretty.
- They are easily, easily worst the ba-gillion compliments I got at the brunch. Lots of "YOU made the donuts??" "Wait, you MADE these?" Sorry, but man do I love that.

Blogging goals for the week:
I have chosen and worked on a word for 2011 and am hoping to share more about that tomorrow.
Yesterday Brenda asked about my schedules and planning and whatnot and I have something neat to share about that.

So fingers crossed that I can get those together in the next couple of days. But right now Isaac is staring at me wondering about his oatmeal. So, that's my cue. Have a good one.


Mama V said...

Hurray for crossing off things from the To Do list! Way to start off the new year with a bang! I mentioned something to you about eating ringed foods for luck in the new year but I haven't googled it yet. I swear it's true!

The doughnuts were indeed delicious! They had the texture of Dunkin' Donuts but tasted like Krispy Kremes. I'd say that's a great way to bring two worlds together (especially two contentious worlds that exist between my family members, who are passionate about their doughnut brand preferences).

I think the "wow" factor came for me not just in the fact that you boiled all those doughnuts but also that they looked so amazingly professional. You really need to work on your homemade wonkiness factor, Robyn. Then we'd all just say, "Oh, bless her heart. She made doughnuts. A for effort!" ;)

Robyn said...

awww!!! Mama V, you are so sweet!

Deb said...

Ooohhhhh, Robyn...these could be dangerous! And you're right, they are really really cute. :o)

Wendy said...

YOU made those donuts??? I've never seen such pretty home-made donuts!

I consider myself a bit of a donut expert, too because I worked at a donut shop for three years in high school. Bask in the compliments, Lady! You deserve it!

Rhona said...

LOVE the donuts, I don't know if I dare make them though because they are my downfall ;o) xx

MandiCrocker said...

I LOOOVE it, Robs!!! They look GORGEOUS!!! I tried no-yeast donuts once & the oil was too hot & they were falling apart... These are beeeautiful-- Congrats, lady!!! :) :) :)