Monday, January 3, 2011

weekend and then some

I've been stockpiling photos from the last week that I want to share. Here are some of my favorites.

We went to our local sledding hill one day last week. Andrew and Dave hit the jumps. Isaac took a slower path and really just wanted to go home. I stood at the bottom of the hill taking pictures. We also built a tunnel through a snow drift.

The boys have been playing with lots of new toys: building with legos, playing Mousetrap (a replacement of last year's Mousetrap that slowly broke down over the year), building robots and race cars, and of course, playing trains.

We had a New Year's party on New Year's day with homemade doughnuts (more on that tomorrow), mini quiches, salads and sausages (Italian and veggie).

And today, I'm picking back up where I left off. Andrew starts an Art Class today. Mommy School resumes. The schedule is posted and ready.

Alright 2011, we're coming. We're coming.


Deb said...

Great post and adorable photos, Robyn. LOVE the ones of the boys in the snow - I doubt I would look that happy surrounded by the white stuff. Happy new year to you and yours!

Brenda said...


Happy New Year! Looks like you had a fun start. What kind of schedule, planner, to do list do you make? Daily, weekly, monthly?

Rhona said...

I'd be with Isaac on wanting to go home, I'm not good out in the snow though I don't mind looking at it from inside a warm house! Looks like a fun party and I'm looking forward to hearing more about the homemade donuts! xx

MandiCrocker said...

Ummm... those donuts look AWESOME. :)

Cat said...

I love playing in the snow. It makes our 5 months long winters go by a bit faster!
Great pics!

erin said...

I really like your new welcome photo of your beautiful self.