Friday, December 31, 2010

Best of Made in Brooklyn: 2010

Yesterday I read a blog post where the author posted her 10 favorite projects from the year and I really enjoyed seeing what her favorites were. So, I went through the past year here at Made In Brooklyn and compiled my own top ten.

1. Art Journal This was such a good project for me. It was so good to get down what I needed to say and it also turned out so creatively. I was really, really pleased with it.

2. Solar System Banner This was my favorite project that I did with Andrew. We left it up for months. Like 5 months. That's how much I loved it. And after it had been up for a really long time, Andrew looks at it and tells me, "you hung Jupiter upside down".

3. Week in the Life photography project This project was such a great push for my photography. And it's such a nice, detailed snapshot of where we were last April. Things have already changed so much since then.

4. Bagels I asked Dave what his favorite project of mine was this year and he said, "every time you make bagels." So, there you have it.

5. Bedroom Redo I love my bedroom. That's all.

6. Cookie Favors This is one of those projects that I think about when I am having an existential crisis of who am I?? and what the heck am I doing with my life anyway??? I figure, if I can pull this off, I'm alright.

7. Pumpkin Whoopie Pies These were the yummiest things of my life. I made another batch for Thanksgiving. Oh man. I think I'll go make more now.

8. Matching Weighted Quilts These were a big deal for me because I felt like I was inventing something and I felt like I was helping AND I think they turned out great.

9. Advent Calendar I think this was Andrew's favorite project of this year. So many times this month, when it was time to do Advent Calendar, he would tell me "advent calendar is my most favorite thing in the world!"

10. Scrapbook pages Ok. I couldn't think of a number 10. There were lots of scrapbook pages I made this year that I like. And lots that I don't think are that great. But I thought I would stick this here to give a shout out for scrapbook pages that work out a-okay. And for the ones that help me find my voice, take better pictures, understand design and just think about life more.

Thanks 2010.


Ruth said...

Yay to a review of 2010! The Thomas LO is my favourite ~ everything about it is perfect. Happy New Year!

debs14 said...

Thanks for sharing your 2010 with us - and here's to many more blog posts in 2011.
Happy New Year from across the Atlantic xxx

Rhona said...

I love seeing your 10 for 2010 and look forward to seeing what you create in 2011. Happy New Year to you all, may 2011 be a good one for your family xx

Mama V said...

Awesome list! Happy New Year! I know nothing about LO's but I too dig that Thomas one!

firefly said...

I love those weighted quilts. They look great. And I always feel touched when I see them. To have even thought of that project! Such lengths you go to see your boys thrive. I wish every single child had that kind of attention. Especially at the ages your boys are at.

I've been learning in my psychology class how much the nurturing you receive until about 5 will shape your emotional patterns for life. You are doing some excellent shaping. :)