Tuesday, January 25, 2011


- loves, loves puzzles. He's actually, a rockin' puzzle champion.
- hates getting dressed in the mornings. He cries until the new shirt is on. Doesn't like that morning shirtless feeling at all.
- but will undress himself as much as he can if it means getting in the bathtub.
- still plays trains daily.
- has started building more with blocks.
- still does not say a whole lot.
- was looking for me yesterday in every room and under the beds while I was out with a friend.
- was a wild screech monkey when I got home, jumping from furniture and laughing wildly.
- was up last night running around at 3 in the morning turning on the lights. And we have no idea why.
- is a wild, tiresome adventure. I love him tremendously.

I made these cookies this weekend from the King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion and when asked about the cookies Isaac swore he never saw any cookies. What cookies?


Ruth said...

Oh, my! That is one totally gorgeous photo!!

Miss Vicki said...

The cookies look great but how did you get that expression on Isaac?!!
I wish I could have seen him looking for you!