Monday, January 24, 2011


We had a very quiet weekend. Even my camera was quiet. And honestly, I am craving adventure. I've been googling things like "vacation to Saskatchewan" "arctic adventure with kids" and then more reasonably "indoor water parks near NYC". I just want to GO right now. And I want to Go Winter. I want to wander around in snowy woods and breathe it all in and let that air clear my head. I'd love to go snow-shoeing or cross-country skiing, but then how do you bring little ones on adventures like that? I'm sure it's done (Loralee?), I'm just not sure how. And I'm not sure I can do it in an indoor water park. But I'm at the point where adventure is adventure and even silly adventure would fit the bill.

I wonder if this is a case of cabin fever, urban edition. Could be. So, I'm on the lookout for fun and if you see anything good or have any good ideas, let me know.

Speaking of silly adventure, and no Day Out With Thomas did not pay me to say this, but this weekend in September was heart-soaring lovely. More of this, please.


Cat said...

I hope you find an indoor waterpark because that is really cool and the kids love it. Since the kids are still young, it's really easier if you're 2 adults. The older one usually wants to go in bigger slides but still needs to be accompanied. I love waterparks!!! Have a great time!

Loralee said...

Honestly, Robyn, most of my outdoor skiing adventures are done solo, tag teaming it with Shawn. That said, the boys got skis that attach to their snowboots and they're learning how to get around on them beautifully, and my friend has snow shoes for her two little girls as well. They get around remarkably well, but when I'm out with them, it's more their adventure than it is mine. They love sledding and we're building one amazing snow fort... do you have enough snow and a place to go for those kinds of things?

Last weekend, I saw a father on x-country skis with an enclosed sled that he was pulling two kids in. I thought, no way. My kids are way too heavy for that! I admire some people's dedication, but I can only bring it so far.

Oh, hey! if you come up next weekend (it's not REALLY that far, is it?), there's a dog sledding race up in Burke. It's quite an adventure! :)

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Great looking page!

We have an indoor waterpark about an hour from us but it would be about $120 for the 4 of us to spend 7 hours there. And they don't let you bring in food or leave & come back. And a hot dog is $5 there. So we haven't tried it yet.

Plume said...

I hear ya. I've been looking at the Great Wolf Lodge (indoor waterpark plus skiing), at it seems like lots of fun, but unfortunately is out of the budget right now for us. The one in Poconos is not that far. You could try looking into that?

Melissa said...

We're totally missing out on sledding, etc. because of Atticus' collarbone. And now it's freaking freezing out! But, I LOVE snowy woods. And I want to snowshoe PRONTO. I know lots of people who cross country ski and snow shoe with their toddlers and young kids- let me know if you want contact info.

I was shocked at how much I LOVED Coco Keys (indoor water park). I had a blast. I was sure I'd be paranoid the whole time. But the lifeguards were on top of their game- completely. And I relaxed and had a great time. We're going again this weekend!

dnicolle said...

I didn't think I would really like Great Wolf Lodge, but I loved it. We went with friends with little kids too, so it was Mommies chating with little ones in the nice and warm kiddy pools, and trading off with the Daddy's at some point so we could do a few water slides and the hot tub. My suggestion, go with friends -it's just way more fun. They had a sale up here at Niagara falls last week, %25 off, we're going again in April for our youngests birthday. Just as expensive as a party I think, and it's what she wanted. Good luck finding your adventure!