Friday, January 14, 2011


Last night I realized that I love January.

It started last Sunday. We got home from church and I immediately thought "ok! Some time! What needs to get done?!?" and after wandering the apartment and checking my planner and scratching my head I realized, "nothing." Nothing needed to get done. I could park my tush on the couch and read. So I did.

Then again, later this week, after Dave and I bustled through the dinner and bedtime routines I wandered, checking lists and schedules. There must be something. There is always something. But there wasn't. The projects are done. Having to strategically schedule my time is a seasonal endeavor. Some seasons are jam packed. Some seasons are light and airy. I am in a season of light and airy scheduling and I welcome it.

I am hoping that it means I can slow down and dabble more with little things. Try out some new this and that. Spend more time with train tracks and playdough and legos. And have more idle time. I've been inspired by this blog I've found and I want to try out something like this.

Sweet, clean January. You're totally the bomb.

Getting around to some birthday photos from last May! Can't help but be reminded that soon he'll be three! but...not quite yet. We still have some time.


Tara Whalen said...

Great lo!!!! I love it! said...

when I found your blog, you only had Andrew and he was a little guy then! I love seeing the changes in your family.

erin said...

Awesome layout!