Monday, January 17, 2011

long weekend

1. Last Thursday morning, my friend Susan gave birth to little Gregory. I spent some time on Friday with her family and even got to hold the new guy so Susan could eat some dinner. Such a sweet little bundle of person. They just don't seem real at this size, do they? Blows my mind every time. And then I walk around later looking at all the grown ups everywhere thinking, "you used to be that little too". Wild.


2. Mazes have been replaced with lots and lots of building. Andrew spends almost of all of his free time building things. And we hear lots of "I can't find the missing piece!" which is usually hiding under the couch or a bed or sitting right in front of him in plain view. But other than hunting down those darn missing pieces, he does this by himself. He follows the directions to the T and eagerly shows off his finished creation. The set shown here is the erector set that we gave him at Christmas. It makes all kinds of things, but today he used it to make a robot.

And the robot, instead of moving in a straight line as we expected, spun in circles.
And you have no idea how hilarious that is.


3. Puzzles are just rad. That's all.


4. Today we went to this museum. It just reopened after a long, long reconstruction project. Today was free and therefore crowded. Isaac didn't last long at all, so he and I retreated to a nearby Starbucks while Dave and Andrew checked the place out. As you can imagine, this is right up Dave's ally. And so, right up Andrew's too.


5. And then to kill time while waiting for dinner to get here, Isaac broke out the Tato Heads and built a little something of his own.

And in a moment of embarrassing transparency let me tell you that I spent most of today irritable and grouchy. And in an effort to pursue kindness, I locked myself in my bedroom and read for over an hour to give my family a break from myself. And to give me a break from myself as well. Sometimes I wonder how the heck they put up with me. I hate being grouchy. But the time alone reading seemed to do the trick. And it seems I've been forgiven on all fronts. phew.

I hope you all had a lovely long weekend and are ready for a back-at-it Tuesday! onward and onward!


Melissa said...

"to give my family a break from myself. "

I love this sentiment and can totally relate to it. sometimes I don't even know if a break would make me feel better, but I do think it would make everyone else better off. (-:

Melissa said...

What a lovely time. Seeing all the "building" so reminds my of our son Tanner. Now 15! eek. But still building things.

And, hey! don't forget, you get your browns, too.

Robyn said...

That's right! Brown days are totally okay! See how prone I am to forget that?!?! I should post it up somewhere. geesh.

Thanks Melissa!

Ruth said...

Great shot of the baby (2nd one in post) and love the one of Andrew laughing!

Susan said...

That is one cute baby.