Monday, April 30, 2007

Signs of Addiction beginning to show...

I made four of these little baby cards last night. And I thought I would do their photo shoot this morning when the light is good. The flash just seems to do me wrong.

As Dave was leaving I was preparing the cards, deciding where I would take their pics...which is usually on my kitchen counter...when I realized...I didn't have the camera. It is is still in Dave's pocket from our weekend outlings. I tried catching him through our building intercom trick, but he was too fast for me.

Here's the signs of addiction:
instead of shrugging it off and deciding to snap the pics when Dave got home, I tried to figure out how else to post. What else takes pics? Our phone. But phone pics are never as good. So, I went with photobooth, an application on our computer which tells our computer to take pictures. Not bad. I don't like that my hand is in it. But, there it is. We'll just say that the hand humanizes the picture...just this once.

Now that I am thinking about this, and trying to avoid the label 'addiction', I see some positive here. It's like those scrapbook challenges that say you can only use pink printed paper and lace for a layout about your dad (my brother Chuck knows what I mean, he spent hours on his). It's one of those challenges meant to stretch you. Meant to insprire you creatively by removing some obvious tools that you are dependant on. It's a, "what are you going to do on that desert island when you don't have your camera?" dilemma. Well, I know that I will just use photobooth. I'm sure Mac is almost at the point of going completely wireless anyway. Who needs electricity? There will be plenty of sun and wind to power this baby on any desert island.

I'll be all set.

Will you?


Tara said...

Good thinking, creative girl - I'm sure Dave was proud that your instinct told you, "What would my Mac do?" Did you rearrange your apartment since I was there last time? Looks like Mac might be in a different spot.

Robyn said...

No, it's the same way...but the camera on the computer is all it does look different. See on the card how those little words are backwards too. There is probably a way to choose for it not to be reverse. I should check that out!

Firefly said...

I miss you. Funny. I think I might have even talked to you this morning. Did I?

Anyway, I decided to look back at old blog posts because I don't like to call in the evening when you're having family time.

And then I forgot I decided to look at old posts and when I came back to my computer, I thought this was a new post for today, and I felt so excited.

Talk about addiction....sheesh.