Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's Official

Andrew is 2.

Help us.

We had a great day yesterday. Dave took the day off. We went hiking...well, Dave and I went hiking. Andrew decided that the best way to experience the woods is on Dad's shoulders. We got treats at Cold Stone (and um, I got treats at a Giant Craft Store. I'm all for moms getting treats on their kid's birthday. Well, actually, I'm one for mom getting treats everyday. Hmmm...). So, I thought that The Official Birthday Post would be all sappy. Look at how he's growing. All that. I cried last year when he turned 1. But not this year. Oh well. I guess somethings aren't as emotional as you think they'll be.

And I am one for extracting as much emotion as possible. I love that stuff.
I'm an addict.

So, in honor of my Pride and Joy (and occasionally my Frustration and Fatigue), here are some cool Andrew facts:


1. loves trucks.
2. loves the slide.
3. will refuse to walk outside unless we are headed towards the park.
4. absolutely loves lima beans.
5. takes excellent care of Ernie and Kermie. They both recently had their ears checked, their hearts listened to and the diagnosis was that Kermie needed to be wearing Andrew's shoes. Then everyone felt much better.
6. prefers Dave for fun and wrestling, me for everything else.
7. eats a banana every morning...with his Dad.
8. likes watching Sesame Street, but never asks for it on. When it's on, he's into it.
9. loves the mop and broom.
10. is friends with the UPS delivery man.

I love that kid.

and, you might want to know that a messy kitchen looks cool when you photograph it in black and white.
That's all.

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Goes On Runs said...

i love 2...most of the time.