Friday, August 24, 2007

Fighting for Balance

and it makes me sweat.

The Rice family has been put through the ringer. The best ringer. The social ringer. But, it is still a ringer. Let me break it down because it is quite impressive:

8.11 trip to Vermont
8.12 back from Vermont
8.14 friend came to stay
8.15 Dave leaves for San Francisco
8.17 visiting friend heads home and I head to Massachusetts
8.19 Dave returns from SF, I return from Mass
8.20-21 regular! working, cleaning, etc. (and cleaning up that flood, remember?)
8.22 friends came to stay
8.24 visiting friends leave, Dave's father expected to arrive in a few hours
8.26 Dave's father leaves

holy cannoli.

It has been sooo great. It seems like August has come and all kinds of folks are noticing the summer is ending and that we need to travel and visit and bond, the way summer calls you to do. And so we are. And it is great.

I am an introvert. I used to be so embarrassed to be an introvert, but now I wear the label like a badge of victory. I have learned that it's okay to be an introvert, and, even, there are perks to it. One of the aspects that I experience as an introvert, is that I need time alone to recharge. And I feel most recharged after a bit of creativity. Thus all the craft output and the blog and such. It is my recharge. I like recharging.

So, squeezing in the recharge has been a good challenge these past two weeks. Some days have been better than others. But, I'm good. I've fought for it. I got up this morning and made these plum scones. This afternoon I work and launder and catch up on the things that need catching up on. But, I'm good. I might actually be ready to face my in-laws.

and experience the balance that comes from fighting the good fight.

Who's next?
Bring it on!

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