Friday, November 9, 2007

A confession and some upcoming projects

Confession: I napped during craft time today. I made this card a few nights ago.

Upcoming projects: I have 3 Christmas projects that I am really excited about.

I am going to make an advent calendar. Andrew is really into numbers lately and more into everything this year than last. So, I think I am going to make some simple cards with the numbers 1-24 for us to string up somewhere. I can see him really getting into this. Our family has been lighting advent candles at dinner for several years now. We'll keep that up and add the numeric, seasonal fun.

I am also going to make a Christmas scrapbook. If you are a scrapbooker, you probably know about Ali Edwards and the amazing scrapbook she recently posted on her blog. I ordered materials to make my own! The idea is to make the little book ahead of time and add a photo and a bit of journaling each day. I really like this challenge. Especially the photo-a-day bit. I have been feeling like I am not taking many photos lately and I think this will help me figure out some of the problems I have been having (like how to get a good pic in a room that is not well lit without the flash making everything look gross).

Number 3. A little gift for Andrew. Again, stealing from Ali Edwards. In her latest book she shows this box of miniature books. One of those sets of board books that book stores sell pretty cheap. She recovered the box and the books with paper and photos. I think Andrew will really like this. It will be a great way for me to get photos of grandmama and Aunt Lorie and Avery in his little hands so he can learn more about his family.

I have a friend coming this weekend for crafting fun. I don't think I will able to start any of these projects because I don't have the materials yet. But, I imagine I'll find something to do....

I'll keep you posted.