Friday, January 18, 2008


The place is clean. There is food in the fridge. The laundry is done. There is even extra toilet paper in the basket on the back of the toilet. That's right, folks. Dave and I are heading out of town.

We have two *perfect* friends that have agreed to come play with Andrew for the weekend. Change his diapers. Feed him. Maybe even the occasional hug or two. Dave and I have talked about doing this for almost a year, and now that Sprout is fast upon us (can you believe I am 6 months along already?!?) we thought: now or never.

So I have spent the day in a cleaning frenzy imagining that despite the intense cleaning and reorganizing I have been doing around here, that there are still dust bunnies lurking ready to hop about for company. And without me here to distract the company from noticing the dust bunnies they will sure to get attention (you know, because toddlers are not distracting at all). And although I know these friends won't care about a bit of dust and I know they won't point at laugh at our bunnies, I care and I have a reputation to maintain!

So, anyway, I think we are ready. Earlier this week I sent a 3 page email to our friends outlining Andrew's habits, routines and tricks. Where he sits for time out. Where we keep his cups. And to avoid changing his diaper on one of those plastic changing tables that fold out from the wall. He panics and screams and therefore makes the functional piece, unfunctional.

I know he will be fine. I know they will do great. I completely trust these people. But, what I am worried about is that they will want to revoke our friendship at the end of the weekend because our Sweet Havoc sent them over the edge.

I haven't told them yet that he is teething.


Firefly said...

Are you kidding? They're gonna love it. Just think of all the new tricks Andrew will learn! It only took her twenty seconds to teach him how to acquaint his nostrils with chopsticks last fall . . . the possibilities are endless!

Eric said...

Well what can I say. the house was very comfortable, the dust bunnies hid in the closets and we did not look for them and Andrew was GREAT. We had to get trained a bit by him but he was very patient with us.

erin said...

Are those VALENTINES?! Wow, I've been so busy since Christmas I haven't been paying attention while you made gorgeous pillows and cheesecake. I took down our tree today. January 21st. And didn't comb my hair. Or eat.

Robyn said...

erin, you should eat! I really recommend it! I love eating.