Monday, April 14, 2008

phone call

This is a template of a typical phone call to my mom lately.

Mom: Hello?
Me: Hi mom, it's me!
Mom: Is everything okay?
Me: Well, I'm actually calling about (insert family member name here).
Mom: What happened?
Me: Then I go on to describe what happened or the symptoms that the family member in question is exhibiting and always end with: so what should I do?
Mom: Hmmmm....sounds like (insert diagnosis here. We have had stomach flu, lightheadedness, intense leg cramps, possible arm out-of-socket, bumped and bleeding gums, and probably other things...she should probably write this stuff down. I mean, can't you just picture the scrapbook page?!? This stuff should be documented!). And then follow that with: I would (insert treatment here).
Me: Ok. Thanks mom. I'll keep you posted.
Mom: Ok. Love you.
Me: Love you too.
Mom: bye.
Me: bye.

I feel incredibly lucky to have a mom that well, is a mom with many years of experience and has her nursing degree. I might be her best and most frequent least lately.

So, mom? Even though when you went back to school I thought you had abandoned my little fourth grade self, I now thank my lucky stars that you did it. I just hope that one day I know the stuff I need to know about possible arm-out-of-sockets so I can call you with questions like: Have you tried making bagels? How did it go? And what kind of cream cheese would you serve with them?

One day, Mom. One day.


Holly said...

You should feel lucky, Robyn. Your Mom is one of the best people I have ever met...I love her to pieces!

Susan said...

You made bagels! I've been meaning to do that for ages. You beat me to it. Wait. Have you made English Muffins, yet? Maybe there's still time for me to be a breakfast bread pioneer in something . . .

Loralee said...

Yay! You tackled the boiling! How'd they turn out? They look mighty tasty.

Robyn said...

You were my bagel inspiration. As soon as I heard "easier than ravioli", I thought, I can totally do it. They are great! tasty and soft and man do they smell good baking.

No English Muffins yet. Maybe next week. I'm still having a major crafting kick. Maybe we should coordinate efforts and plan an English Muffin Challenge day. Loralee has made them...and claims they are easy too...but I wonder...

Miss Vicki said...

wow! I've been outed for practicing medicine without a license! Sorry about your childhood-you know how hard that was for me. Could you toast one of the bagels for me-I'll have mine w/ blackberry preserves! Next-pretels!

Susan said...

Okay, Robyn. English Muffins. Next . . . Thursday? I'll make a double batch if you go into labor before then :)

I would totally be up for a pretzel challenge, too. Joseph is really fascinated by pretzels lately but I only like the big, soft kind.

Robyn said...

Sounds good, Susan! Thursday the 24th: English MUffin Challenge Day! Anyone else want to join us?

Loralee said...

I'll try again! And I'd love to get in on the pretzel challenge, too!