Thursday, October 23, 2008

for the love of blog

I love blogs.

I subscribe to about 60. Some belong to friends of mine. Some belong to people I have never met. Some post near daily. Some post once every few months (Susan!!!). Most of the blogs that I read are craft blogs and I don't really read them. I look at their projects, flag the ideas I like and move on. I love having the daily creative boost from those blogs. Sometimes I file away an idea and forget about it for months, then something makes me remember it and I use the idea for one of my own projects.

A few of the blogs I subscribe to I really read. Every word. Every time. Often those are the blogs of friends and family and I read them to feel connected to the people writing them. A lot of my adult interaction is through blogging. For now, at least.

So, readers, a few questions.
Why do you read the blogs you read?
Why do you read this blog (assuming you have read this far)?


Jessa said...

I read it because it is warm and real and yummy.
Jessa (friend of friend of the Aja-Sigmons).

Susan said...

I read it because I can't talk to you on the phone every day :)

Most of the other blogs I read encourage me in some area of my life. A few are ways to keep up with old friends. I guess yours is both. Sorry I never post! Life--I can either live it or blog it.

Melissa said...

I mostly read friends' blogs, as a way to keep in touch. Even if they are friends I see, I feel like I get to know them better through blogs. There have been a few blogs of people that I don't know that I have been interested in but just haven't made the time to read.

I can't go to bed at night w/o checking your blog. Even if Enzo is sound asleep and I can't wait to lie down with him in bed, I just have to check real quick.

I love your pictures, your ideas, your creativity, your optimism, and your reflections on motherhood.

Tara said...

I only READ one blog, and this is it, and I LOVE it. I read it because it helps me to feel connected to you even though you live fa fa away. Also, we've been friends for a long time now, but I always learn new things about you through your writing, and you have a great writing style too - geesh, how many talents can a girl have?! Ok, this is really laying on the compliments, but I mean them, and I know you love it, so I will also add that I LOVE seeing your projects and food, and family shots with your creative and awesome photography.

I have a few "must look at them every day websites" - 2 of them are blogs, but there isn't much reading required: and Funny stuff and animal cuteness.

Blog on, Dill!

Jennifer W. said...

I think I read your blog because I'm hopeful that I get the chance to have a bit of your life someday. I'd love a family and a bit of crafting most days.
I guess I read your blog because I'm envious and hope to emulate your sewing, cooking, crafting, raising children life one day.

Mama V said...

I think I subscribe to as many blogs as you do, maybe more. But yours is the only one that makes me feel hungry. :)

Similar reasons as you, I guess. I blog especially to feel connected to friends and family after moving to a strange, lonely city and not being able to share on a daily basis the life-altering experience that is having awesome kids with the people I love.

Otherwise, looking at other blogs every day can sometimes feel a bit like when you walk down the street and peer into peoples' windows from the sidewalk, hoping to get a glance at another world, different decor, cool homes, etc. But with permission.

I now know who on my list tends to blog daily (you! me!) and the trouble with that is that I tend to overcheck throughout the day (even when I know that you tend to post in the afternoon!). I think, "Hmm, I need to go to the bathroom. Maybe I'll take a quick look on my way." It's very addictive! I wonder how much time gets frittered each day for not staying disciplined about checking my list!

Seeking La Loba said...

I mostly read blogs of friends. Though I'm also finding myself more and more addicted to checking blogs, and therefore interested in more and more.

But I love this blog because I love to hear your stories, and I love to see your pictures. And you often do make me hungry, or inspire me to go bake, or look for a more sugar-free version of something you made. :) And I love that you post almost every day. I admire that dedication and it makes it more fun to check your blog, because I know that I get a new surprise every day.

un-nerved said...

Blogs have been a pleasant surprise in my life. The fact that I read two is a minor miracle, given my former disdain. One I have as my support group, the other for its creative beauty and photography. If all the members of my support group blog had their own blog, I would read more. But again, I somehow fell into that by a lucky accident.

un-nerved said...

Robyn, I've been wondering...are you a low fat kind of baker, or a bring it on kind of baker? Rachel Ray or Barefoot Contessa? Olive oil or butter?

Robyn said...

ummm....I would say bring it on. I recently switched from margarine to unsalted butter as my fat of preference in baking. but my family eats so little fat (because we rarely eat meat) so, I don't really shy away from it.

Cat said...

I read blogs because I'm curious to see how other people live. I also look for inspiration for the cards I make.
I like reading your blog because even if some parts of our lives are quite different (big city VS suburb), a lot are very alike. I'm a stay at home mom of a 3 year old boy and expecting baby #2. I like to see that I'm not the only one questionning every day things and enjoying most of them!

Firefly said...

I read your blog because I like you.

Melissa said...

Why unsalted butter? Just curious. We certainly don't need extra fat in our family. We do lots of nuts and avocado and oils. But I still say "bring it on!" If you are going to bake, bake the good stuff! I do like Earth Balance, though. (-: But I like salty butter.

erin said...

I read your blog because I love you and miss you. You are an amazing person, mom, homemaker, and friend. Sometimes I'm a little daunted by your productivity. I mean in the time it takes you to bake bread, sew a pillow and change a baby I probably drank a cup of coffee and wondered what to wear. I find it very motivating. Also I read your blog just to know what's going on in your life and for the Andrew stories. Your blog is wonderful. Miss you and thank you for the wonderful card!