Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Yesterday Isaac made me earn my Mother's Day. The test was "How will you handle an all day fuss? What if I refuse to nap and play and just decide to fuss? And one more thing, don't count on a good night's sleep after my all day fuss. I plan on being very thorough in my assessment."

The verdict? Victory! Everyone survived! We all lived to fuss another day. So, Isaac, this Mother's Day, I expect a whole lot of loving on your end. K?

And, before you even ask, these are the Chocolate Cream Cheese Marbled Muffins from, well, you know where.


Shannon said...

I think you know us all too well! :)

I hate days like that...just keep thinking "tomorrow is a new day!"

MandiCrocker said...

Marble Muffins, Marble Muffins
We love you!
Marble Muffins, Marble Muffins
Is it true!?
Marble Muffins, Marble Muffins


That's all I got. YAY, MUFFINS!!!