Saturday, May 2, 2009

Party Day!

Today was Isaac's big party! The weather in these parts was perfect for a around 3. At noon, when the party was planned, it was splattering rain. So, we kept things indoors. It was a lot of fun! And I'm not really sure Isaac even knew what hit him. His favorite parts were the bananas and hearing everyone break into song.

Party Table.

I used these symbols to mark which sandwiches were which. Each sandwich had a toothpick with one of the three vehicles on it. Lots of people though could not decide which sandwich they wanted, so there was lots of splitting and sharing.

Sandwiches, fruits, veggies. Slightly out of focus. But you get the idea.

On Thursday, when it looked like the picnic would be off due to rain, I despaired over the idea of an indoor party and had to re-invision things a bit. I did not plan on much decorations for the picnic, but wanted something on the wall by the table if it was an indoor party. So I made this banner of my favorite Isaac photos over the past year. I love it and I think I will make one for Andrew too.

And, Mr. Sweet Step is off and walking. He has been taking steps here and there for a few weeks, getting braver and braver. But today he spent a lot of party walking around and checking things out. I love these first baby steps. Miraculous to watch.


Cat said...

Wow! as always, you have great ideas. Does Andrew like all those great sandwiches?

Miss Vicki said...

What a great party!! Have you thought of being "party on wheels"?
Isaac is so cute walking.

Miss Vicki said...

Hey, if the party had been outside where would the "key" to the sandwiches have been and where would the banner of Isaac have gone. (Iknow you had plans for these)

Wendy said...

Beautiful! I am sooooo bad at parties, that I think I may have to liberally copy some of your ideas. You have so many cute ideas here.

Happy Birthday Isaac! What a big boy, walking around like that.

Anne said...

Happy Birthday Isaac!

Loralee said...

You really should be a party planner, Robyn. I bet if you put some flyers together you could totally start something up. And make a good income from it, too. If I can find a bit of extra energy, I might have to take some ideas for Timothy's birthday in a few weeks (yikes, less than three!).

Ah, don't you love those baby steps?! And do you find yourself enjoying it more this time? I think I'm savoring every moment with Patrick, knowing how truly special it all is, and like you mentioned in a previous post, not wanting to rush it on at all.

Anyway, I love the party and the sandwiches and the banner. And, the cupcakes. So great, all of it!

Goes On Runs said...

how sad we were to miss the festivities! transitioning home has been a bit rough. hope to see you next month!

MandiCrocker said...

First of all, you are OUT OF CONTROL. Secondly, that picture of Andrew on the slide looks so GQ!!! His leg tucked under & all. I had a good laugh. :)

Robyn said...

I know, Mandi! It's hilarious! I love that photo of, um, Isaac,! ;) I call it his "too cool for school" shot.