Friday, May 1, 2009

scattered thoughts

1. You've seen these rolls before. But they were too pretty to leave un-photographed. I made 32 of these tasty tidbits yesterday for tomorrow's party. They are the beginning of killer sandwiches.

2. Isaac was up this morning from 4-6. Teething stinks. I mean, MY teeth were starting to sympathy ache.

3. I woke up from 15 minutes of deep sleep to Andrew's nose in my face. He needed to go potty and play tinker toys. at 6:15. Who needs to play tinker toys at 6:15?

4. Looks like rain in the forecast for tomorrow. Birthday picnic may be moved indoors to our apartment, but I am going to wait until this afternoon to make the call. Really hoping the skies begin to clear and the rain decides it can come again another day.

5. I am trying to learn how to make coffee (on mornings like these tea doesn't cut it) with my French Press, whole beans and my bean grinder. But it's been coming out a little weak. Tweaking the texture of the grind, the amount of beans, the temperature of the water. Trying to get it right.

6. Today is a day of cupcakes and cooking and making raspberry lemonade and prepping for parties, so I may be back with more to share. We'll see how the day unfolds!

Happy Friday!


Mama V said...

Those rolls look incredible!

David is our resident coffee press expert. He can show you his tricks to making it just right... I'm off to have some now!

I'll be doing a little Rain Dance for you today. (The no-rain kind - there's such a thing, right?!)

I think you should add to your list of things to do today: "Take A Nap With My Boys." :)

esme's mama said...

The rolls look awesome...if I can help with any coffee press questions let me know, 12 years later I've got a little insight!

Robyn said...

YES!!! Walk me through it!! Tell me how you do it!

MandiCrocker said...

WOWSERS. Those rolls look melt-in-your-mouthable!!! The envy monster strikes again! (His name is Al).

Do you share recipes, oh great Robyni?

Mmmm.. coffee!!!

Susan said...

Did your press come with instructions? They are good ones! Follow them! But if you don't have instructions, grind the coffee coarsely. I suggest getting a burr grinder. We have a manual one which is very cool but slow. Automatic burr grinders are pricier but come with a French Press setting. Anyway, they will actually grind your beans and not just cut them up into tiny pieces. I think the chop grinders are very hard to get a uniform grind that is bigger than powder.

Use two scoops of beans per cup--this is twice as much as a drip pot. But then you can use hot water to weaken it if necessary. Use water just off a boil. Some say boil it then wait thirty seconds. I usually pull it off the flame just when the kettle is thinking about whistling. Then let it all soak for four minutes and plunge slowly. If you pour fast enough I do not think the "required" stir is necessary.

Oh--and if any of your other French Press readers have different (better) advice I'm all ears! I'm never one to scoff at improvements to my coffee.

Goodyreid said...


I'm incredibly jealous of your baking abilities.

We do 3 scoops (approximately tablespoons I'm guessing) and shake the grinder as it grinds for 10 seconds, then we add the just off the boil water, set the timer for 6 minutes, wait 15 seconds and stir the "bloom" (the grinds will be in a clump on the top) and push the plunger just below the water line.

I love strong coffee :)

Robyn said...

That's right, Sarah! You OWNED a cafe!!! Of course you would know!!! I didn't even put that together! THANKS!!! will try again tomorrow!

MandiCrocker said...

okay, but seriously about the rolls. ;)