Monday, August 31, 2009

steady progress

I keep waiting to crash and burn. Often I get bit by an idea and I throw myself into it, over do it, crash and walk away dazed. But, sometimes I get an idea, throw myself into and push through until it's done. I keep thinking, "I need to get a lot done today before I get tired of this whole thing." I feel like I am preparing for the worst. And I don't think I should.

See, the way this is unfolding, is actually really nice. And fun. My alarm goes off and I'm ready. I get up and get crackin'. I set everything up the night before. I know what I'll work on each morning, though some mornings don't unfold as planned. I listen to soft and gentle music. I drink tea. And the thing is, I really, really like this project. I like the things I'm making. But I also like making them. I like the result and the process. So, instead of worrying about crashing, I'm now worried that when I finish, I'll miss it. But, I'm sure I'll find something else to work on. I always do.

This is a firehouse. I made a firehouse for Andrew's quilt and I made this one to look quite similar. Dave worked at Democracy Now for several years and they operate out of a refurbished firehouse, so I designed these to look like that building.

And these are our cars. We bought the little red car when we got married and we sold that and bought an urban mama car a few years ago.


Mama V said...

Love the mailbox. Looks like you printed the USPS symbol onto transfer paper for ironing or something? (If so, I need to do something like this for Lucas's Halloween costume, so I might ask you to walk me through it!)

I'm still loving the batik everywhere, especially the cherries on that firehouse.

Nice job, worker bee. Everything is turning out fantastically!

Robyn said...

Good eye, Mama V! I actually just printed the logo on paper and sewed the paper to the mailbox. I figured since I was sewing all that paper on for windows, that it would be alright to do that with the mailbox too. The mailbox isn't done yet though. It needs legs. va va voom. ;)

Jennifer I. Walker said...

super cute. can't wait to see the finished product.

Tara Whalen said...

You are too stinkin' talented for words.

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