Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Andrew's Great Ideas

So lately Andrew has been exclaiming in a very dramatic voice, "I have a great idea!" He must have seen this on a DVD because it came quite out of the blue and has really taken a prominent place in his lexicon. I wanted to record some of his great ideas because some of these gems are worth remembering. And, the context gives a great snapshot of our lives right now.

1. So, Isaac's latest trick is to wash his wash. He loves climbing up on the toilet, turning on the water and feeling the water run over his hands. Then, he likes throwing a roll or two of toilet paper in the sink. It is sort of embarrassing how many times this has happened, so I am going to keep that part to myself (some Mommies never learn). One day he threw the last two rolls of toilet paper into a sinkful of water. I was pretty irritated and was expressing my frustration when Andrew came to the rescue:
"I have a great idea! We can go to the store and buy new toilet paper!"
Right. Thanks, Andrew.

2. While I make dinner Andrew watches TV. And Isaac has figured out which buttons on the TV will turn off the TV. He'll walk up to the TV, put his little finger just over that button and watch Andrew for his reaction. Sometimes Andrew will do the right thing: call for help. Sometimes though, he takes matters into his own hands and pull Isaac away from the TV. One time it was especially rough. After a time out I say to Andrew, "you hurt Isaac. What are you going to do about that?" I was expecting, "say sorry" or "give Isaac a hug." Silly me. This is what I got:
"I have a great idea! Let's put Isaac back in your belly!"


Seeking La Loba said...

I love that top photo.

Loralee said...

That is really funny.

Timothy is feeling the same way right now, he just can't articulate it so well.

Jennifer I. Walker said...

That's great! Mama had a great idea, too -- recording these gems!

Melissa said...

LOVE that picture.

Thinkie said...

LOL! Great page!