Thursday, October 15, 2009

along came some spiders

Today the boys and I got a little Halloween-y and make some simple and spooky decor.

First I mixed together a cup of flour, half a cup of salt and a squirt of black food coloring. Then I added water to get a good paint consistency.

Then we poured in a bunch of styrofoam balls.

And we played with those for a while.

Then, after they dried (well...mostly dried) we stuck black pipe cleaners in the balls for legs.

And it was a dark, dark day. Perfect for a dark, dark photo.

Or two.

And now we are properly showing our Halloween spirit!

And in the true spirit of Halloween, Andrew made one mutant spider for his room. Mutant spiders everywhere are rejoicing.


Robyn said...

I forgot to add, that as we were painting the styrofoam Andrew was saying, in his sing-songy voice, "they are getting painter and painter!"

Melissa said...


Danielle said...

Oh my, you are BRAVE!! Little toddler boys playing with black paint????

Mama V said...

So cute!

I was just about to say the same thing as Danielle. I love how messy you're willing to let them get, even Isaac who I imagine likes to take tastes here and there. I bet they love it, too.

I like the shot of Isaac having to reach stretch to be able to reach the pan on the counter top. I can imagine what his lower body looked like -- up on his little tippy toes while standing on the stool.

Mama V said...

Hold up.

How did you secure the spiders on to the wall? Are they suspended from the banner with fishing wires? What kind of tape/adhesive is strong enough?

Such a great banner too, by the way!

Deb said...

I think it's awesome that you craft with your boys! My daughter is 21 now and from the time she could stick her hands in paint (or whatever) we have been crafting together. Good times!!!

Robyn said...

Danielle...well, we don't do it a lot. But the paint is edible, both boys were wearing smocks and I'm sort of right on top of them about tracking it around. So, it doesn't end up being too bad.

Mama V...I have this clear thread for quilting that I used. I threaded a needle, ran it through the tops of the spiders and made big loops that are tied onto the banner.