Thursday, October 8, 2009

can't get enough!

So I made some more pasta again this week. I love it. I love making pasta! I love cranking the dough through the pasta machine. It's my favorite part. The dough just flies right through and makes me feel like Pasta Queen.

This week I made Black Pepper Fetuccini. While Andrew was at school! ;) It goes much faster without eager helpers, but I sort of missed the help. I think next time I'll do it when Andrew is home.

This was my process:
1. Put egg, flour and pepper into the food processor.
2. Pulse until it's all crumbly.
3. Knead it into a dough.
4. Let the dough rest for 5-10 minutes.
5. Use a rolling pin to flatten it out a little so it fits into the machine.
6. Whip it through the machine!
7. Shazaam! Fetuccini!
8. Put in a ziplock bog to freeze until it's time to make dinner.
9. Add frozen pasta to boiling water.
10. Make a simple sauce (this time I sauteed garlic in butter).
11. Toss with the sauce.
12. Eat it and receive so many compliments from family members that get to join you for dinner.

I'm thinking we'll start a weekly pasta night around here. Carbs be damned. (Sorry...I just feel really passionately about pasta!)


Mama V said...

"Carbs be damned." Did the prolific baker just write that?! ;)

I love all the pepper speckles. Looks sort of like vanilla. (Vanilla pasta?! Yuck!)

That pear-walnut-mezuna salad looks might tasty, too.

Hey, I recently saw on the Food Network channel someone making pasta with a contraption attached to their big stand mixer. Now that you already have the pasta gadget you wouldn't need one, but I'm guessing you own a mixer from baking so much? (And do those extra pieces come separately?) It was really neat!

TARA said...

Damn (I think it's the word of the day, eh?), that looks good!! I'm having boxed pasta tonight - it's SOOOOO inferior. Hey, now when we own our own pizza shop, we'll serve fresh pasta too!

MandiCrocker said...

So cool!! I want to make pasta, toooo!!! (Okay, too much work. Maybe just come over for dinner). ;)

Ashley @ AshleysBusy said...

Wow, your pasta is gorgeous! I've never made pasta before. It's one of those things that scare me, like active yeast. wow, that scares me, lol. I did buy some recently, so maybe I should get over it and make some bread already.