Friday, October 30, 2009

sending Halloween greetings

I like making a few cards for Halloween each year and sending out some Halloween wishes for peace on Earth and goodwill towards all. This year I gave Andrew's teachers each a card. I had Andrew write a note I could put inside of it. And, no I didn't get a picture or a copy of his note. And yes, I am kicking myself, because it was so stinkin' cute. And no, I won't let that happen again.

Here's what he said:
Dear Ms. Woods,
Love, Andrew

He likes to get right to the point.


JIW said...

what a nice thing for you to do. I'm sure you remember, but handwritten notes from tiny kids is one of the most favorite things for teachers to get!

Anonymous said...

So cute! Can Andrew write all that himself? I'm starting to worry about Joseph's fine motor skills.

Karen said...

Just discovered your blog from Shimelle's class and boy oh boy are you one lady full of crafty talent! Love all the things you make x

Seeking La Loba said...

Sounds like a Dave card. :)

I love your cookies.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the cards - so clean! I tend to grunge up my halloween creations a bit too much!
TFP (thanks for posting)