Monday, May 10, 2010


This morning I woke up thinking, "and what do I have to look forward to today?" And after careful consideration, I came up empty handed. A bad attitude has crept in and taken over.

I am frustrated by:
the cold
the overflowing recycling pile
the messes, messes everywhere
the laundry
the dirty car
the construction in the store under our apartment
my hair
living in the city (I want space and quiet!)
feeling behind when it's only Monday morning

Right now I am planning out today's attitude adjustment. I think it will involve tea and cleaning and music and letting the little things go. It will mean tackling some messes and giving myself a break on others. And I think it will mean laying side by side with Isaac on our bellies as we push trains around the track.

Here goes nothing...

These were the Mother's Day cards I sent out this year. I enclosed Isaac's hand print and Andrew made a maze for each of his grandmothers. Nothing says Mother's Day like a mind-bending maze, I tell you.


Ruth said...

I recommend playing the Planet Suite by Gustav Holst or Handel's Messiah very loudly ~ perfect for chasing away the blues (and also good to tidy up to!)

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Lovely card! I hope you get some relaxing in today!

Loralee said...

I'm there, too. This cold is enough to get anyone down, especially after the warmth from a month ago. Good luck chasing your blues... I feel like the fates are conspiring against me today.

Cat said...

I'm with you on the cold... we got snow for mother's day...
Can't wait for summer!