Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Yesterday's bad attitude was quickly chased away by some cleaning and laundry and all-around, general catch up. Some days I think everyday life is just lovely. I can even convince myself that making beds is art. And then other days I can barely stand the drudgery of it all. Some days I can't believe what a cute little apartment we have in such a nice section of town. And other days I can't believe we've lasted so long in this slum. ;)

It seems I'm fickle.

I'm not sure what causes the shift, the bad attitudes, the pinch-me sense of good luck...and that's part of the problem. If I knew the cause it would be so much easier. But what I do know is that yesterday tackling the problems made me feel awesome and back on top. Which is just where I want to be.

And for today? My friend Caitlin is still in the hospital waiting for another surgery. Her first skin graft did not completely take and the best way I can help is to bring on some healing sugar. I plan to tackle Vegan Rootbeer Float Cupcakes, I plan to bring her some and I plan to eat a few myself.


Ruth said...

Glad to hear that you're back on form ~ I think some days it's the same for all us SAHMs!
I love this LO, particularly the patterned paper & button placement.

Mama V said...

Such a cool picture of Firefly!

I was just about to add what Ruth mentioned. I think this is a regular mama phenomenon/feeling. So glad your productive day helped perk you up.

"Healing sugar" cracked me up. Oh, Robyn!

firefly said...

Man, I look cute. ;)