Monday, May 24, 2010

love and marriage

Last night Dave and I went to the anniversary party of a couple from our church. They were celebrating their 60th anniversary and had a large party with a 3 course dinner, open bar and a live band for dancing.

The church we go to has a Middle Eastern heritage. It was founded in the early 1900's by a group of Lebanese and Syrian Christians and most of the older couples (and some of the younger ones!) are Middle Eastern. I tend to forget this from time to time, but last night definitely felt like a cross cultural experience.

Just before the cake was brought out, the band stopped playing and someone announced that we in for a surprise. Middle Eastern music began to play and a belly dancer, in her full splendor, took the stage. She danced, smiling at the happy couple, and then had them join her on the stage. And Rose, who must be in her 80's, didn't miss a beat and danced with the belly dancer.

I have never seen a belly dancer dance before and honestly, my prudish self felt a little shy about the whole thing. I kept thinking "My grandparents certainly didn't have a belly dancer at their 60th anniversary!!!" But the more she performed and the more she danced with Rose's friends, the more I was won over. Perhaps I should hire a belly dancer for my parent's next anniversary. ;) (Just kidding, Mom!)

At one point the belly dancer had a tray of lit candles. She danced with the tray on her head and then she leaned back, put the tray on her belly and danced with it on her belly. It was pretty incredible.

This has definitely been a season of weddings and marriage for me. This weekend I went to a bridal shower on Saturday and a 60th Anniversary party on Sunday. And last weekend Dave and I celebrated our own anniversary. It seems that love is in the air!


Eric said...

We could get a belly dancer for your next anniversary?

Deb said...

What a fun experience. Belly dancers are amazing, aren't they? And how fun that Rose actually danced with her. I love it!

Very cute card, BTW!

Mama V said...

Hey, I recognize those bird cages! Nice re-purposing project there! ;)

There are a few belly dance classes here in Bay Ridge. Maybe YOU could be the one to belly dance at your parents' next anniversary celebration!

Ruth said...

It sounds like a really fun time was had!

debs14 said...

Sounds like a great evening. Now listen Robyn, I've had two belly dancing lessons now and I even have a proper coined skirt, just let me know when you want me to come over and perform for your parents ;-)

Robyn said...

"Maybe YOU could be the one to belly dance at your parents' next anniversary celebration!"

I don't like that idea at all!!!

"just let me know when you want me to come over and perform for your parents"

I LOVE that idea. That's great Deb! So funny!

And Mama V, you're right! I love that bird cage paper and have wondering what to use it on! I still have most of that you'll probably see more of it at some point. ;)

Kirsten said...

I got the invite today! Love it!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

That sounds like a fun party!