Wednesday, May 19, 2010

lunch box update

Packing Andrew's lunch everyday has become a smashing success. I seriously love it. I get such a kick out of filling up each little compartment, tucking it away in his backpack, and then getting back a (usually) empty lunch box after school. When I open it up and see that all that food is gone, I feel like Andrew just said, "you know what Mom? You are a rockstar."

And since I was in a lunch packing groove, I decided to double my fun. Now I pack Dave lunches too! I don't pack his everyday. If he has a lunch meeting or some other lunch plans, then his lunch box sits sad and lonely in the cabinet.

The lunch I sent with Andrew today is pictured above. He got strawberries, a chicken-apple sausage cut up, pickles and grape tomatoes and a cream cheese and jam sandwich on a whole wheat roll (his school doesn't allow peanut butter because of we've been on a major cream cheese kick!). In the little blue container I put chocolate chips!

Dave's lunch is pictured below. He got grapes, tomatoes and olives and a salad with baby greens, sunflower seeds, carrots and celery. There is balsamic vinegar in that little squirter bottle. His sandwich has mustard, cheese and vegetarian deli "meat" on a whole wheat roll.

Dave has a harder time finishing his lunch than Andrew does. In fact, Andrew often eats all of his lunch and comes home ready for an after school snack. They must be having him jump through all kinds of hoops of that school of his! A calorie burning machine!

Other lunch facts:
It takes me about 15 minutes to make both lunches.
I try to pack all 5 food groups in each lunch.
I got my lunch boxes here.
I get lunch ideas and inspiration here.

And that's the scoop on lunch.


Ruth said...

Am seriously impressed that you make your DH's lunch! It must be love! How great that Andrew eats such a varied selection.

Wendy said...

Ooooh! I'm so jealous that you get to pack an adult lunch too. My husband works at home 99% of the time (and me too, of course) so I barely ever get to do his lunch up. Grown-ups are fun because they'll eat anything and they are super excited to have someone pack their lunches. Kids just kind of expect it (not that they shouldn't).

I'm also jealous that Andrew eats all his lunch! Definitely *not* the situation in our house. I try not to take it as a comment on my lunch-packing skills when the lunchbox comes home with a bunch in it. Of course, when it comes home empty I also assume that I am a total rock star. Which is true. Just like you! :)

Cat said...

I am a bit worried! The Canadian Health Guide only has 4 food groups. Are chocoalte chips considered a food group? I sure hope so!

Robyn said...

Those Canadians! ;) might have been updated since I last heard about them. But I think the food groups are: meat (or protein), dairy, fruits, veggies, carbs.

Cat said...

ahhhh! we put fruits and veggies in the same group. Too bad. I would have loved to add chocolate chips to my dayly routine. So many possibilities!

Plume said...

Funny (for me), I found your blog through Wendy's. I love what she does with the lunchboxes, and jealous I don't get to pack lunchboxes yet. Though I used to pack my husband's lunch a long time back and I wasn't a fan...

Melissa said...

Maybe I'd love making lunches if I had a cute little box like those. Atticus only goes to school once a week, and I've thought several times, "Ugh! How do moms do this every day for school?!" I really don't like making lunch for Atticus. I always thing it's not going to be enough. I have actually thought about getting one of those little lunch things, but his would need to be bigger for a full day!

I like the sausage idea- I'm always trying to figure out what to make, too.

So I'm glad you like making lunches. Too bad you can't make Atticus'.

kate o. said...

i love wendy's site. between the two of you i might go on a bento binge soon. even though my boys are still at home, maybe it'll make lunchtime easier (least favorite meal prep of the day for me...).

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

the lunches look great! I wish DH would do a packed lunch at least a couple days a week. Buying lunch is $7-9 a day.

Zuzanna said...

Love it ;D