Wednesday, July 7, 2010

feel the heat: weather watch 2010

Yesterday's high: 104
Today's expected high: 96
no rain in sight

Summer is all I seem to be able to talk about!

Yesterday I followed my recipe for success again. Up early, drop off Andrew, take Isaac to the park before it's too hot, lay low in the afternoon. Only. I have to pick up Andrew in the high heat of the day: 2pm Yuck. We drove the 15 blocks while I kept telling the car's a/c "nope. get colder. colder still. come on a/c!!" In the afternoon "laying low" meant getting out the paints and while the boys painted the paper, I painted Isaac. He loved it.

Today I am going to work on getting more photos of our heat wave strategies. Maybe I can even capture the dirt and grit that manage to accumulate in the folds of my boys' necks. I swear they're filthy within half an hour of their last bath. Amazing!

And I have a new summer strategy tip to pass on that has been working wonders for me. My mother told me a few days ago that one of the reasons she loves summer is that she has to feel hot a few months of every year. As a North Carolinian transplanted in Vermont she craves feeling hot (I know, crazy, right?). So, when I start to feel hot, instead of my regular to-go strategy (panicking!) I just think, "feel the heat". And it works! The panic subsides!

Who knows? By the end of this summer, I might actually like this miserable season.

I am starting to feel a little self conscious that all I ever post is baking and scrapbooking projects. I mean, how many loaves of blueberry banana bread can you see without getting bored? (recipe here!) I've been working on a big project that I am hoping to post photos of this week...but this is definitely (still) the season of scrapbooking. My poor readers.


Deb said...

Ok, first of all, one of the main things I love about your blog is the photos of your scrap pages AND the stuff you bake. And the little stories you tell in between the photos? Priceless. Don't change a thing!!!

Haha...and good luck with your strategy for summer. My mom is one that loves the heat too...and I don't get it either. My strategy is counting down the days until October when it starts to cool down!

Rachel said...

I could look at your banana blueberry bread all day.

erin said...

On the news last night: Boston's record high was 104 in 1911. Yesterday we hit 101 and I thought I would die. I'm so impressed with your chipper attitude in that kind of heat. Go Robyn! Heat Wave Conqueror!

PS that bread looks so delicious...mmm

Robyn said...

Thanks Erin! I was thinking about you yesterday with that roast turkey. I know when I think heat wave I am filled with the sudden impulse to roast a turkey! ;) maybe you can make some cool turkey salads!

Wendy said...

There is nothing wrong with photos of baked goods and scrapbook pages! No complaints here.

And I think you and I should switch places for a bit. It's been in the 60's where I am the last few days! I'm wearing a sweatshirt inside the house as I type this and my feet are cold. How I wish I could take my boys (and myself!) to the park to play in the sprinklers. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.

Mama V said...

I like that your banana breads are never just banana breads. There's always a special added ingredient (coconut, blueberries, etc.) to make them extra snazzy. Sorta reminds me of a recipe I saw in A Homemade Life (by Molly Katzen) for banana bread with crystallized ginger mixed in. Whoa!

Can't wait to see your big reveal!

Mama V said...

Erin, have you ever tried roasting a turkey in a dutch oven on your stove top? It's such an easy, fast, and more importantly, cooler way to cook a bird!

Mama V said...

Whoops! I meant Wizenberg, not Katzen! D'oh!

Melissa said...

Yum. I might have to make this one.

And I never tire of your baked goods!!

Melissa said...

Yum. I might have to make this one.

And I never tire of your baked goods!!

EmilyRSPS said...

:D Your Mom would feel at home in Vermont right now. My parents told me that it has been in the 100s in St. Johnsbury this week.