Tuesday, July 6, 2010

summer mojo

My summer mojo is in full swing. Yesterday it was the in the mid-90's and today it is suppose to hit 100 and I say: bring it.

Though, it a little bit feels like cheating because the humidity has not been bad. And that makes a huge difference.

I've still been up early, getting a head start. Yesterday morning I cooked the lentils for the salad we had last night for dinner. Which meant dinner took me 10 minutes to put together and I didn't need to heat up anything. This morning I have blueberry banana loaves in the oven and am cooking some potatoes for tonight's potato salad. Which means dinner should again be quick and cool.

I've also been getting to the playground right away, which has been great! The kids run around in the sprinklers, come home for a bath then hangout in their underwear/diapers all day. So this week even laundry should be a breeze. ;)

I can't believe this is going so well. I barely recognize myself! Andrew's summer session starts today, so we'll see how that switches things up. But I'm hoping that I've hit a groove that will last until me until the heat breaks!

I thought I was done telling stories about last Halloween, but when I was looking through photos I remembered what a cheeky monkey Isaac was during the Halloween parade last year. So, I decided to go for it.

Here's what it says:
Isaac, when the good people of Bay Ridge began the Ragamuffin Parade in 1966, they did not see you coming. This was definitely your venue. You ran about in and out of bands and school groups and spectators loving the scene. Parade on, Isaac!


Plume said...

We're very in synch, might I say. I've been waking up early to get the kiddo to the sprinklers and then come back and hang out in diapers all day (but we've been doing that hanging-out-in-diapers thing probably for three or four months now, it's just easier all around). And I woke up early too to cook me some tasty banana bread. Good to hear that you've been breezin' right through these summer days!

Rachel said...

Congratulations on your summer mojo. I'm not sure how I would cope in the heat that you are having.

erin said...

I really like how you used those round paper and those cute arrows to move your eye in a circle around the page. Nice layout.

Its in the 90's here too and I have to ROAST a turkey we were given before it goes bad! I think I'll sit in the kiddie pool with the baby while it cooks.

Mama V said...

You mean sprinklers don't count as baths?! (Whoops!)

When I saw "summer mojo," I seriously thought you'd be posting a special recipe for making mojitos - one of my favorite drinks!

I too am impressed and inspired by your mojo even in the start of this new heat wave that's getting me down. You're such a trooper, Robyn!

Finally, I must say that I'm glad you made another page about Isaac and Halloween. I say it all the time, but your kids are so photogenic! And I love the part about Kirsten and Eric playing along with your Great Pumpkin family theme! Adorable!

debs14 said...

When I turned on the news this morning it was a story of the Queen visiting New York yesterday (looked for Isaac in the crowd but couldn't see him - even with that gorgeous red hair!) There she was in 100 degree heat, wearing long sleeves and a hat! I'm guessing you're not dressing quite so formally under those sprinklers ;-)