Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Lately I've been feeling really grateful about staying home with the kids. Grateful in that "I'm getting away with something" kind of gratitude. I have not earned one penny since Isaac was born, but I've spent a whole lot of pennies on fabric and stickers and papers and other craft essentials. How is it that I am getting away with this?

Do you wonder that too?

Lately I've been appreciating our pace. I like that since my main job is maintaining the home and family, I have time for just that. The last few weeks I've been working on not feeling rushed. Not rushing around. Taking the time I have for the things I need to do. Leaving a few minutes early to pick up Andrew, allowing time for Isaac to jump in a few puddles on the way. I'm trying to stop fighting time.

Yesterday Dave was home and resting, getting over a cold. And Isaac and I carried on with our Monday thing, as though he wasn't here. And doing my daily thing, with another adult around to see how it all goes down, was really enlightening to me. Here, I've been feeling pleasantly guilty about getting away with staying home. And it was clear that Dave had no idea what all happened in weekday at home...and was sufficiently impressed. And seeing that, I was sufficiently impressed too.

It's so nice having a job you love.
Even if the pay isn't so tangible.


Ruth said...

You've just about summed up how I feel about being a SAHM. Love the LO.

Goes On Runs said...

i've been trying to have a cup of tea every day to just stop for a moment and be quiet.... it is a challenge to not feel the need to "accomplish" something every minute. i am practicing my gratefulness as well.

debs14 said...

It's amazing what stay at home mums do in the course of a day. You don't stop to realise all the things you fit into your day. It's a tough job but oh so enjoyable and rewarding! Who'd want to go back to work? ;-)

Cat said...

I am so with you on this one. I keep thinking someone will come to my house and tell me this dream is over (even if somedays I wish I had a job!!!)
Do you think you'll ever go back to work?

Rhona said...

I have felt exactly the same way. I've not had to work for 22 years, since my first child was born. I am so grateful for all the years I've had at home with my three children and although they are now 22, 20 and 14 I know that they still like to know I'll be here when they get home or they at least know I won't be long getting back. Thank you for putting into words what so many of us SAHM's feel. x