Monday, October 4, 2010

Halloween Parade

This year for Halloween Andrew wanted to be a zombie. He plays a game on Dave's phone called Plants Versus he doesn't really know what a zombie is. He thinks they are little guys in suits. And after much family debate, I was outvoted on Isaac being a pumpkin. Dave and Andrew agreed that pumpkins were lame. Isaac needed to be a zombie too. So, on Saturday, my two zombies walked in the Ragamuffin Parade.

I finished their costumes just in the nick of time. My favorite part is the tie t-shirts. Sooo cute! Cutest Zombies Ever! ;)

Andrew was so excited about the parade that he ran laps around us until he completely pooped out and we needed to stop for drinks and snacks. We only lasted 4 blocks. 4 blocks!!!

I had my own little Halloween flair this year.

So, once the boys were sufficiently exhausted, we parked and watched the rest of the parade.

And then Baby Tess, ahem, Tess Dragon, found us!

I must admit, this was not my favorite parade. It's hard to top year fact, I doubt we ever will. BUT...I think I can safely say this was Andrew's favorite. He was so excited for it, loved it while he lasted, and I think it will be the first parade he'll be able to remember. And I suppose there is something to say for that.


Kirsten said...

Isaac is the sweetest looking zombie ever!

Cat said...

I just don't recognize Isaac in the first picture of him and Andrew. He looks so much older!
They are very cute! Love the t-shirts and the converse shoes!

Mama V said...

Indeed, cutest zombies ever! Wait, I missed something: why was this not your favorite parade year? Was it because the boys only made it 4 blocks? And those tie shirts are so cute and versatile - they boys would be such a hoot wearing those on a regular day of play!

If it's not too late, I want to cast my vote for making Isaac a pumpkin for Halloween. Then Andrew will have his "vs. plants" component to make the concept complete! You could call him a hypno-gourd or a pumpkin-pult to match, and the two could have it out with Crazy Dave the neighborly store owner between them. He could even carry around a garden tool! (Seriously, how do people come up with these crazy game concepts?!)

Melissa said...

You guys need to listen to Johnathan Colton (sp?). He has a song about zombies tha tAtticus and enzo LOVE.

SO cute, these guys. said...

Those are the two cutest zombies I ever saw!