Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December Daily: next installment

You know what I miss about summer? I know, I know. I spend all summer long complaining about how miserable that unforgiving season is. But, lately I've been missing all the summer light. And I don't necessarily mean the hours of light during the day, though I certainly miss that. I miss the type of light we get in the summer. Winter light is soft and gentle and lovely...but makes all my photos look way too dark. So, a new personal goal...learn how to take pictures in the winter! I can do it! I can do it!


debs14 said...

Today is the shortest day of the year Robyn - so from today we get a teensy tiny bit more daylight! Artificial light is no good for taking photos is it? Lovely for taking atmospheric pictures of the tree lights twinkling, but not documenting scrap pages!

Mama V said...

Chuckling because you added "naughty/nice" to the Dave and Robyn page. Who is who?

(I don't really want to know.)

Happy Winter Solstice!

firefly said...

Does debs14 still read the blog?