Thursday, December 23, 2010


Andrew told me there is a maze in our Christmas tree. He knows this, he says, because when he dropped a jingle bell into it, it made it's way all the to the bottom. Clear sign of a maze.

Andrew makes a marble track several times a week and it's become so routine that I never think to photograph it. He likes to put it together and then run to get us. Then he watches while Isaac and I pour marbles into it and chase the flying marbles around the room. Sometimes he sabotages the track on purpose and cracks up when we can't get the marble through quite right. Our downstairs neighbor has politely asked if we can try to keep the marbles on a rug as her desk is directly below our track building area. Poor lady. We've complied ever since.

This motley crew was suppose to make snowflakes yesterday afternoon, but after a few attempts, the Christmas train turned out to be way more appealing. So much for planning Christmas crafts. ;)

I am LOVING Mommy School. (But I think I need another name for it. Mommy School is starting to sound way too diminutive to me. Ideas?) Right now in Mommy School we are reading about the Nativity and Andrew's favorite part is when Joseph and Mary have to sleep in the hay. This year camping out with animals easily trumps some baby's birth. We're getting there, baby Jesus. We're getting there.

Here's his sketch of the "plot" of the book. Mary (with the black mohawk), Joseph and the donkey. What baby?? Didn't you see the donkey?!?! Who needs a baby when there is a donkey?

And for today? I'm hoping to get some pages of my December Daily assembled. I also want to make the parts to our elaborate Christmas cake so all I'll need to do is assemble it on Christmas day. A little more shopping and then we'll be ready for showtime.


Melissa said...

Something about this post is so cozy and comforting to me- kids playing, Christmas lights, and Andrew's drawing of the manger scene. Happy Christmas to the Rices!

Susan said...

Most of my friends who are home schooling name their school. Sometimes you need a name for forms, anyway. And sometimes it can be nice if a stranger is being annoying to say, "They go to Brainiac Academy up the street" or whatever.

But I don't know what you should name your school :)

Mama V said...

I was thinking of just good 'ole "home school" but after reading Susan's post, I say "homey school." Yeah, daaawg.

Robyn, your blog pictures are now as big as my HEAD!! (And I love that I can now see so many more details!)

I like Isaac's almost-daily hooded t-shirt uniform!

Love these holiday posts! Cheers, familia!

Plume said...

I wish my downstairs neighbors were as nice as yours when it comes to kids and their ruckus. I try to keep it to a minimum, but my neighbor apparently expects me to keep my son locked in his crib all day. :-(

I'm trying to think of a name for your mommy school, but nothing comes up. Hope you get better feedback from others, because I'm no help, ha.

Ladkyis said...

Oryza is the botanical name for Rice So why not call it the Oryza Academy? sound dignified, and educated and if anyone knows what Oryza means they will appreciate the play on words.

erin said...

What is this marble track toy? It is amazing!! I would totally play with that! Also, are these Susan and Eric's cuties? They're so big!

Tara Whalen said...

I just wanted to tell you that I love you!