Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the drawing

Congratulations, Sarah Reid! I'll whip up the embroidery and get that to you soon!

I meant to do this yesterday but forgot. So, today I thought I would share a few of my favorite projects that I've done on Made In Brooklyn. Check them out if you have some time! And feel free to add to the list! What were your favorite projects?

Lollipop Art Journal
Black and White Art Journal
Subway Cookies!
Christmas Extravaganza 2008
Christmas Extravaganza 2007
City Quilt!
Tess Dress
Photo Baby Book
Kirsten's Baby Quilt
Andrew's Room
Andrew's Thank You Notes 2008
Wedding Card
Alex is 3
Thanks Mom card


Tara Whalen said...

what a cutie pie! That gleam in his eye almost even says I picked the one I wanted. ;)

Congrads Sara!!

Stacey and Jayson Lavers said...

That was a cute way to display how you did it, Robyn! Congrats to Sarah!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Congratulations Robyn! Great photos, btw. They look like a 50 mm lens?

Robyn said...


It's a zoom all kinds of mm! The photo of the bowl was shot at 35mm and the one with Andrew and the star was shot at 43mm. Pretty close though! Good eye!

Mama V said...

Hey, you included me in the drawing (I think!). You're a sweet peach!

It just occurred to me that your ornaments would make great etsy shop items! You could even offer customized orders for those of us here who didn't win but who reallyreallyreally want one! (Lucky duck, Sarah!) Unless you're absolutely tired of making these little guys...

Answering your question is too easy! My faves are also
Colette's book and the subway cookies, as well as Jesse's book(s), all of your seasonal banners in your dining room, your halloween costumes, and your urban 'I heart NY' ducks. And the popcorn bread, only because I'm still dying to find out what it tastes like. ;)

Oh, and my quilt. ;)

erin said...

I'm so bummed Andrew didn't pick my name! Oh well, I agree with Mama V - you could definitely sell them on etsy.

My favorite projects have been your quilts. I love the quirky fabric you find (like the newsprint and the cow spots) and the pictures you make with them - i.e. your city quilt but also things like a popcorn machine on the baby circus quilt and the clothesline on the farm quilt. One of my favorite quilts was actually the little wall hanging you made for your kitchen with the bag of flour in it. So clever and quaint!

We just repainted our kitchen and I was proud to find a good home for the Robyn and Erin cafe quilt. It makes me feel so special! :)

Melissa said...

Wait! I didn't even see Sarah's entry! But I'm so excited she won, because I'll be able to see the finished product.

Melissa said...

Favorite projects- Christmas extravaganza, Tess' dress, and Kirsten's quilt! I still love your blog so much.

Seeking La Loba said...

Congrats Sarah.

I love that Andrew closed his eyes to pick out the name.

Hmm, favorite projects...well I have been partial to the many Tess dresses. But I also loved your city quilt, well all your quilts, and the yummy photos of baking, especially when it's chocolate. Except that then I get major chocolate cravings.

I thought it was interesting that none of your scrapbook pages made your list. Though I guess the art journals are related.

Lain said...

These are adorable! Congrats!

Goodyreid said...

Ack! I've never won anything! I'm so excited! I'll take it with us to Oklahoma and it'll be our "from home" decoration! Please thank Andrew for me!

Once again, you are bringing out the capitalist in me Robyn! I just want you to produce and sell, produce and sell. There's gotta be a lot of little Brooklyn shops that would sell your stuff, especially around the holidays.